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Early U.S. Fire Co’s is a website dedicated to those interested in the History of the Fire Service. The intent is to provide as complete a list as possible of Fire Company Names and information. This includes information from the earliest Fire Societies and Volunteer organizations up until 1930.

In addition to the identification of Fire Companies, We are also intent on assisting in the identification of equipment used by Fire Companies prior to 1930. At this time the focus is on Helmets and their makers. In the future we will expand into other equipment such as Trumpets, Gongs, Nozzels, Parade items, etc.

How You Can Help

This is a work in progress and I realize that some of the entries may be inaccurate. That is why I would request that if you find errors, or incomplete information, you contact the Webmaster with corrections, including your source. Corrections forwarded without a reliable source will not be considered.

Thank you, and I hope you find this website helpful and informative. Sincerely, Scott Smith, Los Angeles County Fire Department (Retired)


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